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I will write SEO show notes for your podcast

Having a well-rounded, SEO optimized podcast can help you stand out and entice listeners to tune in to your podcast. However, it can seem time-consuming and mundane to write show notes for each episode. Let an experienced copywriter handle the show notes, so that you can focus on what really matters – being the host!

In my experience, I have collaborated with clients that are more hands on, and those that prefer I take care of the details for them. I am comfortable and excited to work with both, and am flexible to ensure that your vision is carried out just how you’d like. I will work with you to create content that accurately reflects the theme or your show and the specific episode topics, and aligns with your goals.

Show notes will typically cover to topics discussed in the episode, key points, outside links, and an overall episode summary. I will research and incorporate the appropriate SEO into the copy for your podcast website.

What I’ll provide for this service:
+ Show notes  word count will vary depending on podcast length
+ SEO Optimized copy to make your podcast stand out from the rest
+ Relevant links and/or Calls to Action (CTA)


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