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I will create a VR game for you with unity and awesome tools

If you have a great idea for a game, I will be happy to help you achieve your dream.
I am an experienced Unity game designer and developer. I have published various 3D games for mobiles, PC, and Oculus.

My workflow goes like:

Stage 1:
1. Create a game design document
2. Create basic game mechanics
3. Gather resources and materials (3D models, graphics, animations, etc)

Stage 2:
4. Combining assets into game mechanics
5. Adding game features (Ads, IAP, Leaderboards, achievements, etc)
6. Working more on game mechanics.
7. Testing on target platforms (Android, iOS, PC, Oculus)

Stage 3:
8. Refinings the game experience
9. Building Assets for store publishing (Screenshots, videos, icon, etc)
10. Publishing.

Creating a game will be an adventure right from the start.

Please contact me before placing an order!


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